There are many things that go into choosing the correct boarding center for your pet, but it often pays to be thorough in your research. Here are some questions that will guide you in choosing the right dog boarding center.

What Services Are Included in the Quote?

One of the first things to consider is the service package. When you're looking at different pet boarding centers, the prices may be drastically different, but only because of the varying services offered. Make sure that you're comparing apples to apples in terms of pricing by choosing the services you need and getting quotes that reflect that.

What is the Schedule Like?

The daily schedule is another thing to consider. Make sure that they have a strong routine and that it mimics what your dog is used to. Having a schedule that's similar to your home schedule will help your pup adjust to life at the dog boarding center.

What Are the Immunization Requirements?

Other animals can be a source of sickness for your dog unless the center is strict about their immunization policy. See what types of shots are required for animals entering the facility. This is also a good time to ask how they handle sick animals. How do they quarantine animals to make sure that others don't get sick?

Who Will Be Interacting with My Dog?

There may be a variety of staff involved with taking care of your dog. See what kind of training each of the handlers has and what their experience is with dogs in particular. You may want to meet the person who will be primarily responsible for monitoring your dog.

Is There a Vet On Hand?

It definitely helps if the pet boarding center has a vet on their staff, or at least has someone stop by regularly to check for signs of sickness. A trained medical professional will be able to recognize when your dog is feeling ill or extremely stressed, and from there they can recommend the best treatments to alleviate your dog's discomfort.

Do You Accept Special Requests?

Finally, you should ask if your boarding center accepts reasonable special requests. This could be handing your dog a special treat that you provide or grooming your dog in a particular way. These small comforts can help your dog to feel more happy and at ease when you're away. And if you have a dog boarding center that is willing to listen to your requests, you can have more comfort that they are committed to doing a great job of making your pet feel safe. 

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