Getting a new puppy is exciting but it can also be demanding, especially if you have an Australian shepherd puppy. An Australian shepherd dog is made to herd livestock, but they can also make great pets for homes. If you do not live on a farm, it is still very important that your puppy get enough exercise now and as they continue to grow. Below are some tips on raising your new puppy so they will make a great pet for you.

Keep Active

Aussies are very intelligent dogs and very active. These dogs are devoted to their families and make great companions as well as watchdogs. One of the most important things you can do for your puppy is to ensure it stays busy. A bored Aussie will become destructive in your home, which generally involves chewing and digging whether they are outside or inside.  This would result in a lot of damage inside your home. If you have a large backyard that is fenced in, let them run a few times per day or take your dog walking each day.

Provide Socialization

An Aussie that is not socialized may become aggressive and may bite a human or attack another animal. They may attach themselves to one person in the family, and when anyone else comes around that person, they may lash out even if it is a family member in the home.

An Aussie that is not socialized may also become very shy. This would result in fearful biting. Fear is triggered when the dog becomes fearful of someone and by instinct they either run or fight. If the dog has no escape, they will lash out and bite.

Take your puppy with you when you go out as much as you can. Continue doing this as they grow. For example, you may have dog parks near your home or you may simply go walking around your neighborhood. Your dog should be exposed to different people, sights, sounds, and other animals on a regular basis.

Provide Training

You should find a good trainer to get your puppy trained. Talk with your veterinarian and ask if they can suggest trainers in your area. A good trainer will teach your puppy different commands, such as sit and stay. They will also help teach the puppy how to walk with a leash. This is important because, when you go walking, the last thing you want to happen is have a hyperactive Aussie walking you instead of you walking it.  Other dogs will likely be at training classes so this gives your puppy more socialization time.

When you find a trainer, make sure they have worked with Aussies in the past so you know that they understand the Aussies' temperament and how to best train them.

If you have any questions, talk with your puppy's veterinarian or a company like DePaul k9 Academy.