Depending on your job, there is a chance that you will be put at risk of encountering aggressive dogs. In addition to being a distraction while you attempt to complete your work, these animals can also represent a physical threat to you. If this is a hazard of your job, you will want to be aware of some basic information to help you protect yourself against this hazard.

Appreciate The Range Of Option For Combating Aggressive Dogs

It is often assumed that the only option for deterring aggressive dogs will be to use pepper spray or other chemical agents. However, there are many companies that will have policies against employees carrying these substances while they are working. Additionally, there are many communities where chemical based deterrents are outlawed.

Luckily, it is possible for individuals to opt for sonic based deterrent devices. These devices are designed to emit a loud sound that will be very unpleasant to dogs. As a result, you will be able to help force the dog to disengage without needing to cause physical harm to it.

Be Familiar With The Need To Test The Dog Deterrent

Regardless of the type of dog deterrent that you choose to carry, you should periodically test it. This will most often be needed when you have gone several weeks or longer without needing the deterrent. For chemical based devices, it could be possible for the device to lose pressurization, and sonic based devices may have their batteries start to fail. By taking the time to test these devices at least once a month, you will be far less likely to encounter problems when you encounter an aggressive dog.

Understand The Steps For Providing Basic First Aid To A Dog Bite

While dog deterrents can be extremely effective, there can still be instances where you may be bitten by one of these animals. Often, this will be the case when you fail to notice that the dog is present until it is too late for you to react. Unfortunately, a dog bite can be extremely painful, and it may provide an opportunity to spread to disease. Promptly treating the wounds will be essential to limiting the risks of serious infections or other complications from arising. Ideally, you should keep a first aid kit in your vehicle so that you can clean the wound and stop any bleeding before you seek immediate medical care. Additionally, you should review your company's procedures so that you will be able to quickly and effectively report the incident.

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