Dogs and cats are notorious for not getting along very well. However, many people live with cats and dogs who get along peacefully. If you're having trouble getting to this point on your own, it might be time to bring in a dog trainer. Here's how a dog trainer can help your cat and dog to make peace with each other.

Why They Don't Mix

There are a few main reasons why dogs and cats don't typically get along very well. Cats are usually intimidated by dogs because of their size, quick movements, and loud barking. Dogs, on the other hand, are typically excited to see cats, and either think that they're prey or a new friend. However, while your cat is scared of your dog, it's unlikely to make any progress, and if your dog is attacked by your cat, you could end up with a very sour relationship between the two. As a result, it's important to get your cat to where they feel they can trust your dog. This is where a dog trainer can come in.

The Essentials

Dog trainers are helpful in getting dogs to the point where they can get along with cats because they focus on having your dog behave and follow commands. If something twice your size was jumping and barking loudly at you, you'd probably be nervous too! But if that same creature laid down and was quiet, you might feel a little braver about approaching it and eventually get used to it.

Work with your dog trainer to teach your dog to always sit, stay, and lie down when told. This will be tough at first, as dogs are likely to not pay attention to their parent's commands without proper training. However, dog trainers are extremely skilled at teaching dogs to follow commands every time.

Including Your Cat

Finally, you'll need to include your cat in the training. Ask if your trainer is available to come to your home to do this, as bringing your cat to a dog training facility will likely just make them panic among the strange smells and any nearby stranger dogs.

Dogs who get excited often experience difficulty following their pet parent's commands. This is why it's so important to include your cat. Your dog trainer will continue to train your dog to behave when you direct it to follow commands in the presence of your cat. This may take some time, but eventually your dog will get to the point where it follows directions flawlessly even while in the presence of your kitty.

Once your dog is able to behave itself, your cat will likely warm up to it. Many cats and dogs end up effectively adopting each other and becoming play pals and cuddle buddies, so don't give up on either of your pets. Just seek help from professional dog training services to bridge the gap between them.