Puppies are adorable additions to any family, but they do not come without some work. Puppy owners have to put in the necessary training to ensure the puppy and the puppy parents are happy. One common issue with puppies is crying and barking while in the crate. Crate training a puppy takes patience but is necessary for a properly trained pet. One issue with crate training a puppy is the crying, particularly overnight. The following are some tips to help keep the puppy as quiet as possible while in the crate overnight:

Add a Puppy-Scented Plush to the Crate

If you have the chance to meet your puppy's littermates, consider bringing a plush toy meant for puppies with you. Let your puppy's littermates play with the plush while you are there. The scent of the puppies will stay on the plush. Once you get home with your puppy, place the plush in the crate. This will help your puppy have some familiarity in his or her new home.

Take the Puppy to Potty

Once your puppy wakes up at night, take the puppy to his or her potty area first. Once your puppy uses the bathroom, take him or her back to the crate. Do not play or distract the puppy. Be as quiet as possible. Before long, your puppy will pick up on the routine.

Play Before Bedtime

Before it is time for bed, be sure you play with your puppy. This will help your puppy use up more energy, and he or she will be ready for rest.

Cover the Crate

If your dog crate is wire or has a lot of openings, consider covering the crate with a light sheet when it is time for bed. This not only helps prevent the light from distracting your puppy, but it also helps your puppy feel more enclosed and comfortable. Your puppy also cannot see you or your family members, which would make the puppy want to get out of the crate and play.

Take Naps in the Crate

When your puppy falls asleep during the day, pick him or her up and put the puppy in the crate for the nap. You can leave the door open if you want. The puppy will then have the freedom to leave the crate upon waking and will get used to sleeping in the crate.

All of these tips are meant to get your puppy comfortable with being in the crate and comfortable while away from you. The more comfortable the puppy, the less it will bark all night. For more tips, contact a company that offers dog obedience training.